Delos Incorporated (1st Place @ Gamer's Haven)

CrimsonWraith 3614

My first place Corp deck at the 19-player Gamer's Haven Store Championship on January 7th, 2017. It went 5-1 throughout Swiss and Double-Elim, beating Stimshop Chaos, Nexus Kate, Smoke, Geist, and Geist. The sole loss was to a third Geist, in which all three Off the Grids were in the bottom nine cards of the deck.

This was one of my favorite archetypes for a good bit and I predominantly played it from August '15 to February '16. It crushes stealth, which made up half the field at the last event I played at three weeks prior to this one, so I thought it would be an intriguing meta call. Ended up seeing very little stealth and still doing quite well.

Standard BS Mushin OTG shenanigans here. Start by rushing agendas out early if possible, switch to the combo once or twice to get the last 3-5 points. I prefer this agenda suite over the one that runs Vanity and 5/3s because I feel it's easier to rush agendas with this suite. Corporate War over Corporate Sales Team is more of a playstyle choice. I prefer the immediate burst over the drip econ in this archetype.

Consulting Visit is great for tutoring Oversight AI when you're low on credits, or Paywall Implementation when your opponent plays Employee Strike. If the Runner sees the Consulting Visit early, it also gives them pause as to whether or not you're splashing meat damage alongside the combo cards. Any caution the Runner takes in the early game plays right into your rush strategy with this deck. My Cyberdex Virus Suite was blank all day, but probably still useful in a somewhat normal meta.

Ice suite could probably use some tweaking, but it got the job done. Mother Goddess and Excalibur were the tourney MVPs.

16 Jan 2017 TheRyanBurke

Well done! How did Sapper perform? Anything you're interested in slotting from Quorom?

16 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

Thanks Ryan! lol Sapper was garbage, all it did was give Geist 3 credits and a card all day long. I had one person not trash it out of R&D specifically so he could run back and break it with another Shiv to gain more money and draw. I still like it on paper and I think its blank less often than Caduceus with the amount of Nexus and link-heavy decks that are being played here, but I was not impressed with its performance this tournament.

My gut says that Quorom is bonkers good for this archetype. I'm running three different cards from it in the latest version of this deck, though I haven't had a chance to playtest the changes yet.

16 Jan 2017 LSK

This list seems like it has problems with the Sifr/Parasite interaction - once they know what you're doing, they can start trashing HQ ice (and trashing Crisium/Off the Grid from your hand) and you don't seem to have a scoring plan if you can't defend HQ.

16 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

Sure, this list won before Sifr was tournament legal and any deck in the meta reliant on big ice will have to find a way to deal with that. The scoring plan when you can't defend HQ relies on rushing agendas out, which is very difficult against a deck that presumably includes D4v1d and Faust.