Northern Sol (Manchester SC 1st)

ptwiddle 50

First place deck from Fanyboy 3 Store champs in Manchester; tweaked from Gumonshoe's list, which I won with in Nottingham a few weeks ago, to be more anti-Whiz.

Went 5-1 on the idea (including 2-0 in the top 8), beating Whiz three times, Noise once, and Val once, and losing the last round of swiss to Whiz.

I nearly played Bootcamp Glacier Blue Sun (which wound up being the second place corp), because I already have a bye and blowing up Wyldside over and over again with a recycled Lizzie Mills sounded fun, but when I tested it a few games it didn't feel as fun as Sol does. The Character Assassination is a result of that untapped anti-Wyldside blood-lust (and to free up influence for the Swordsman). It did take out one Wyldside, and Breaking News and News Hound tags took out 3 more and an Aesops, so Lizzie Mills was with me in spirit. I imagine Explodapalooza is probably better, despite not actually exploding anything.

I'm not going to post the runner deck, which went 6-0, because it was just standard Dumblefork, with a third Faust instead of the second Turntable, 'cuz Dan said.