Classy Val (2/3 in Swiss York Regional)

Jmac 32

So Valencia has a few strengths with a strong ability to give the corporation a bad publicity and a 50 card limit makes it easier to include all the cards you want to play without feeling like you just made a deck worse because you couldn't decide what to cut. That being said 50 cards is a lot to draw to get to the 1 card you want. The deck list is fairly standard Anarch so I'm only going to go over notable includes.

Hacktivist meeting is absolutely essential against assets and as a counter current. No one likes to see Gagarin drudge work away their agendas and play Paywall so trashing their stuff makes them money. Mining accident should always be played for the bad publicity in the asset spam match ups it is often far more valuable in the long run.

Rebirth is always great in Valencia but don't always go for Omar. There aren't any counters to Hard-hitting news in this deck so using Edward Kim to hammer them out of HQ can work wonders.

Turntable is just good against any agenda with abilities or agenda suite featuring 1 and 3 pointers. Things like Project atlas and 15 minutes are suddenly much worse. Hippo can be great for breaking down Surveyor servers into more manageable chunks or any other pesky ice your breakers don't like.

The class act is probably the only notable resource. It gives you the extra card draw you need on top of your events and the card filtering ability is absolutely fantastic. I think they are worth the 5 influence each although you can play one and a hostage to save some.

With no AI or painter you need 3 of each breaker. Conspiracy breakers let you inject without fear, steal SDS without loosing access to valuable programs and are more resistant to net/meat damage. D4V1D was included to mitigate the weakness of the conspiracy breakers against high strength ice and can save you a whole lot of money.

On the day the deck lost to Trap AgInfusion, lost to Zealous Judge Gagarin, won against HHN Argus, Lost to Punitive AgInfusion on the stream and won against AgInfusion. In the cut I lost to an EOI Azmari and won against Palana.