OKORINA Beth Kilrain-Chang (1-4)

longfox 2

From the OKORINA jinteki event on 05/31/20. 5 rounds of swiss with no cuts. Metropolegrid streamed the whole thing, which left VODs behind on relevant platforms as streams are won't to do as they molt. My games ended up on the stream 3 or 4 times, which was nerve-wracking because I was making a lot of silly mistakes. My single runner win did make for an epic stream moment though. Time in the round was called, and I got to my last turn with a single agenda point. I was set to concede, but my kind opponent suggested I just take my 4 clicks and see what happens. I checked R&D first click, finding nothing with three accesses from two installed RDIs. 3 clicks left, I had The Turning Wheel with 3 counters and was facing a full HQ. I could have farmed the fourth counter, but my opponent was playing Ikawah Projects. I ran HQ second click and used two counters, then immediately hit 2 Ikawah Projects in a row! I spent my last two clicks along with 4 credits to steal all 6 points for the win.

I went 5-0 on corp (Advanced Concept Hopper) and went 1-4 as runner (Beth Kilrain-Chang).