Must Go Faster... (81st at Euros 2018)

3N1GM4 364

So this is the hugely unimaginative Titan FA deck I took to Euros 2018 at the UKGE.


I switched to Titan about a week before the event because I knew we would be playing 8 rounds and wanted something fast with a pretty linear gameplan, even if it wasn't likely to be the best deck I could have taken. @mcg kindly shared a list with me which as best as I can recall was probably not much different to this one, so thanks Mark! I think the main changes I made to the original list was switching Oaktowns for Armed Intimidation, Rashidas for IAFs, dropping a HNN, adding an Ark Lockdown, dropping Wraparound for Meru Mati and including Rototurret. I do not claim that any of these changes were particularly good!

This is pretty standard FA, you've got the Reconstruction Contract and Dedication Ceremony mini-combo so you can score an Atlas from HQ (or an Armed Intimidation if you pre-installed the Reconstruction Contract). You can also score Hostiles and Standoff directly from hand, using them as Archer food and/or to make up your 7th point alongside 3x 2-pointers (hopefully Atlases usually).

You also have Audacity to either close out the game and score your last agenda, or as an escape valve earlier on if you're desperate to score, maybe to clear a bad current or something. Biotic Labor can either be used to FA an Atlas from hand, or to get Reconstruction Contract pre-installed on the same turn you want to score something and on occasion you might even use two to get everything in place so you can score.

There's also plays where you can Dedication Ceremony onto a Reconstruction Contract twice and score a GFI from hand - did that once on the day to win a game and it was quite satisfying. On top of all this FA, obviously we're running 3x Atlas, so you can use your Atlas tokens to fetch whatever piece you're missing to score your next agenda.

The backup plan if struggling to score out, or if the runner overextends themselves, if HHN -> Boom!, using Atlas tokens to get the missing pieces if necessary, or even just going for a value HHN without a way to get Boom immediately - sometimes you'll draw into it and even if not, there's usually a beneficial tempo hit to the runner while they clear the tags.

ICE is all designed for rush, lots of EtR for the minimum cost. I might switch out Rototurret as I found it was never useful, despite being the rare thing of a Sentry with an EtR sub - it felt like any time the runner actually ran at one, they could break it trivially, so paying 4 to rez was not worth it. Would probably also drop IAF for 3x Rashida. Giving runners a source of bad pub was problematic in the current meta and I found the fact I couldn't really control the draw from IAF made it problematic, so Rashida just seems all round like the better choice. Potentially worth considering more than 1 CVS as well if we see more Clot and/or Freedom in the meta - I only faced one of each all day and didn't struggle too badly, but it would be nice to have more tools to deal with these threats.

I had good intentions to record all of my results after each game and my thoughts about how it went but this only lasted for 1 round, so I don't even know how this deck performed on the day, but I went 9-7 overall (which I was ecstatic with) which was good for 81st place in my first tournament above a SC and also squeaked me into the positions for brain damage tokens, which was nice.