Better 2 times read text on cards than install it without pr

Cucin 242

There is no worse enemy than you alone. I probably could have won the whole little core experience tournament if I would read better text on cards. I have been on 2 agenda points (runner on 0 agenda points) I have sealed all servers with my rezzed barrier ice and runner couldn´t find his fracter. In that moment I have installed my project atlas agenda facedown and next turn overscored it by one more counter (with help of trick of light). So I have been on that moment on 4 agenda points with 2 more agendas in hand and counter on project atlas. But when I have shown my project atlas agenda I have realized that it´s not project atlas but oaktown renovation which have led to automatic game loss (because oaktown revnovation you have to install faceup). What a damm mistake:) This mistake have cost me 3 point to finish first at tournament. So I advice to many beginner players: better write two times text on card than install it without properly watching on it. Or maybe better play netrunner in real life than on jnet:)

11 Dec 2019 Longi

Hey man, stuff like that happened to everyone of us. Do not worry, keep running :)