smokegate 2.0 (1st @ Sheffield Regional)

twisty_b 651

Built to beat the various flavours of Gagarin that are knocking around: Beth, Misdirection, PolOp, and Net Mercur all make removing tags and trashing Judges easier - so far so Shaper - but the pressure of Stargate and Switchblade means you can generally take one key piece off the top of R&D each turn, and that does plenty.

Stargate isn't the best multi-access in the glacier match-up but it does good work if your opponent over-commits on the remote, and either way you've got Smoke's hyper-efficient breakers working nicely.

4-1 on the day, beating Gagarin once and Aki's Blue Sun three times. Only loss came to PE: they got a fast start and I didn't, and a 40 card deck that likes to run isn't particularly well placed against a million Kakugos and two million Houses of Knives.

There is one spot of influence, which can be anything you want if you can find a cut. I couldn't, and if I had, then I'd have taken a second Critic. Back-breaking against glaciers with a Punitive plan.

Thanks to everybody at Sheffield for a wonderful day; to paulyg for hosting an excellent tournament; and to the UK Netrunner scene generally for being such a lovely group of people to hang around with. Truly, you are all the second greatest prize in gaming.

(The first is the skull goblet that I have in my house now. Obviously.)

13 Sep 2019 Goldstep

Stupid question, but why Lady over Gauss for this? Seems like you could -2 Lady +1 Gauss and +1 practically any other card and not have to worry about a high number of barriers. Is it just that I'm used to seeing more barriers than you would see in the Sheffield meta or that you can expect to be fully set up and winning before you have to hunt for another clone chip? I'd hate to rely on playing against Degree Mill just for 3 more power counters.

25 Oct 2019 twisty_b

@Goldstep sorry not to see this earlier!

basically I was expecting a fair bit of Chiyashi out of Blue Sun, and Gauss vs. Chiyashi gets pretty expensive (7 on install turn; 11 otherwise). tbh I'm not a huge fan of Gauss anyway - if I was going to play a not-Lady fracter I'd probably drop the Legwork, play Corroder, and treat myself to an extra Critic.

saying that, I should probably have been playing 2 Critic 1 Beth anyway, so maybe a third Casts/Mercur.