MaxX [1st at Brighton Regional]

Shmeguy 1589

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18 Jul 2018 stoppableforce

Not one, not two, but three Levys.

How was D99 on the day? What did you end up recurring most with it? I'm guessing d4, CV, and/or Stimhack.

18 Jul 2018 Shmeguy

D99 was good the best thing you can get is clan vengeance usually as you can SoT stimhack. I used it to get back a zer0 also because i kept milling it

19 Jul 2018 percomis

Grats on winning Brigthon Dave! I'm wondering, why do you think you need 3 Levy?

20 Jul 2018 Shmeguy

@percomis i always gotta run 1 levy more than everyone else