Arissana it’s Good but not as go(o)d as Smoke

Atien 54

33@2023 APAC I'm so proud about this Arissana. It's funny to play and also performing, even If I think this deck can be built better than this. I'm still working on it. Slap Vandal or Kongamato plus Poison Vial it's preety good against big ICE, but you also have normal icebreacker to play a more balanced games. DZMZ and LilyPAD gives you the memory you need, other then make you pay less the program and makes you draw. Yuo want to have installed Urban Art Vernissage cause gives you economy and let you move Slap Vandal on the ICE you need to break, it's also a nice boost for making triggering Environmental Testing faster. Bravado is the best card you can have with Arissana IMHO

But always remember Smoke >>> Anythings in the world

7 Aug 2023 grombatmole

Great list! I've been trying Arissana too and I've made a lot of the same choices (Bravado, Kong, etc). Poison Vial is a great addition, I'm going to borrow that (even if it means I have to fit flux cap back into the deck).

Would you consider Ika (maybe dropping an urban art to fit it)? I've found it handy as an early aggro option and good simulchip fodder.