I drew the nuts against Aaron Andries and glaciered him T20.

Klopstock 628

On Wednesday morning before Magnum Opus, I didn't even have a team for the King of Servers, but then bad luck struck. Peter (percomis) got stuck in Amsteram and missed his flight, which meant he wouldn't arrive on time for King of Servers. The rest of the team (terrificy, ff0x and JackMade) asked me, whether I wanted to step in, which I did, quarter happy about the team I got to play with, but three quarters bummed for Peter. HB was the faction I got assigned, so I built this deck together with roommate JackMade on Thursday morning in about ten minutes. It performed pretty well, going 3-2 in the tournament.

Round 1 versus Nick Hansen (nmh) on Tag-Me Liza: This game was a massacre. I mulliganed into a pretty bad hand. After my mandatory draw and first click draw, a single Surveyor was still the only Ice in my hand, so I decided to gamble and throw it on a Remote with Jinja, hoping Nick didn't have Diversion of Funds. He did and that threw me so far back that I never really got back into the game. In the end, he finished with a big Counter Surveillance.

Round 2 versus Tim Bunn on No-Tag Liza: This game was much smoother for me. I had enough Ice to hinder easy central accesses, a Jinja to build up a big scoring Remote and an Arella to speed up the scoring. When everything clicks, this deck can go pretty fast.

Round 3 versus Aaron Andries (aandries) on Big Rig Opus Ayla: I had a relatively good start, pushing out a 2-Pointer and an Ikawah fairly quickly. But then he got set up with a massive rig of Cyberdelias, Magnum Opus, Lady, Na'Not'K and Study Guide (the horror!). He locked R&D and my Remote and I was starting to lose hope, but was lucky that he didn't find too many Agendas. As the game dragged on and he couldn't find more points, my remote started to get more and more obnoxious with five, then six, later even seven Ice, containing a Surveyor and two Seidr Adaptive Barriers. It just got too expensive for him to check every turn, so I started jamming things into it. He had to let a Rashida go through and it drew me the Remote Enforcement. But since I was sure he would get into the Server, I put a second Arella in first. He Stimhacked the server, going completely broke in the process, which allowed me to Install-Advance the Enforcement the next turn and win the game. Pretty lucky win, because the Rashida slipped through Aaron's R&D- and remote lock and also drew me not only the winning Agenda, but also another card to bait a run with. Also he had enough R&D accesses to win the game with a little more luck.

Round 4 versus Jonathan on Aesops Hayley: This was the fastest game with the deck. I spent three turns setting up Ice and then Install-Advanced a Sales Team in my Remote with Arella. Next turn score, install Vitruvius. Next turn score the Vitruvius, Arella in an Ikawah, advance it once, Turn 7 score Ikawah. This was far too quick for Hayley to contest, considering I had three or four Ice on my Remote at that point and reasonably secured R&D and HQ.

Round 5 versus Russell Mortishire-Smith (tolaasin) on Pirate Geist: Russell played an early Corporate Grant which slowed my game down to a crawl. It took about 30 minutes to finish the game, but it looked really bad already after five minutes and I was reasonably sure that my only out was for him to draw his Levies on an all-event peddler. But that didn't happen (and even if it did, I am sure he would have been smart enough to trash the Peddler with a Fairchild 3.0), so his monstrous lategame just overwhelmed me.

Anyway, the event was really fun and well-organised and the deck was okay. It can surely be improved, but asa fun Tier 2 deck, it definitely did its job. If you want to be competitive, probably play anasa deck (and faction, most likely).



5/7 would gletscher again

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Savage! Absolutely Savage!