Midnight Standard Panic AgInfusion -- Antwerp CO 1st

clercqie 336

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

It's a panic Jinteki Glacier list! Tournament went as follows:

Round 1: timed win Round 2: timed win Round 3: win after 55 min, timed win with Runner Round 4: timed win.

Single Elimination Cut finals: we thought the game had not been finished after 40 min as time was called , then we remembered that the finals game could last 60min.

Surely you guys start to notice a pattern arising...

So yeah anyways, not a lot of surprises here decklist-wise. Perhaps some headscratchers.

No Spin Docters, since I wanted the influence elsewhere and I reasoned that we played for four years or so without it anyways after Jackson had rotated. Preemptive Action and double Moon Pool inclusion to defend a bit against flood, which I only used once during the entire tournament. It was funny when that landed though.

Seamless Launch is fantastic, even as a one-off. Really provides you with extra outs.

Blood in the Water : I wanted to be cute and FA it after a Runner Obokata steal. That never happened, and I had to score it as a 5/2 two times. Cut it for Longetivity Serum.

In general, the deck is heavily teched against Apocalypse, which I thought was going to be more prevalent than it was. In the finals I did end up against @FredPI's Apoc Sable, heheheh. Sniped two of them out of his hand with Anemone, that was great.

But even with all this Apoc tech, it is definitely not a free win. That was a slog of a game constantly on the razor's edge.

So as you might have noticed, all my rounds went to time. Deck is superslow and wouldn't really recommend it for a (large) tournament. Had great games on the day though!!

Thanks to @Slowriffs for organizing and all present for the fun times.

22 Aug 2022 Slowriffs

Well played and thanks for coming!