this undefeated @ regionals deck came to me in a nightmare.

icecoldjazz 536

title says it all.

detroit mayor mike duggan and i were running from the ghost of four time stanley cup champion gordie howe. the 23-time nhl all-star was demanding that mayor duggan build reliable public transit for the city whose department of transportation is a national embarrassment. once he had finished tormenting the biden-endorsing milquetoast democrat with the radical idea of public funds dedicated to commuter infrastructure, gordie ordered me to play a shaper deck at a competitive netrunner event for the first time in years. he revealed in his infinite wisdom that inversificator was the best card on the restricted list, and that psych mike was playable as a 1x. the concept of playing a non-criminal, non-dlr deck was, of course, my own personal hell, and this nhl lifetime achievement award recipient became the harbinger of my worst nightmare. feeling compelled to obey his commands, i awoke in a cold sweat around 1am the day of the regional, and promptly followed the legend #9's instructions, assembling this prophesied jank quickly and under cover of darkness.

the legend

anyways, this went undefeated at a regional in the sad and hockeyless state of ohio. gagarin deep space hemorrhaged agendas in the last game, leaving me with an inexcusable 2nd place finish. fortunately the 1st place finisher was also from hockeytown so gordie's legacy remains intact.

some non ice hockey related notes:

-i'd consider dropping mining accident for some more burst-y econ, perhaps liberated account + career fair.

-supercorridor is real good. best 2mu shaper console for sure.

-didn't end up using paricia all day but i can still see it being useful.

-a third stimhack would be stellar.

-you might be tempted to drop hostage. don't.

morals of the story:

1) mr. hockey knows what's best.

2) rip crowdfunding, 2018-2019. you will be missed.

3) don't go to bed drunk; you'll have some weird dreams.

29 Jul 2019 Steamwood

Did you never feel like you needed Misdirection against the HPT-packing corps? Awesome writeup!

31 Jul 2019 duk

How often were you able to get Supercorridor to fire in your games?

31 Jul 2019 icecoldjazz

@duk Supercorridor pays for itself if you play it at the right time and fired several times each game.

@Steamwood Misdirection is for the weak.