Intercontinentals Waltz (4th at Intercontinentals)

ChrisFerg 489

This is the Leela list that I took to intercontinentals, alongside the same Asa list as i played at the EurAf tournament. It is very similar to our previous list, but I cut the embezzles (which were only included for the Titan matchup, which we did not expect to see in this tournament) and one Diversion of Funds for 3x Falsified, which help against asset decks as extra econ and against GameNet to stop you bankrupting yourself running an NGO in the remote of death.

This deck went 2-1 on the day, beating Pinsel's Asa, Ohm/Tugtetgut's GameNet (an incredibly tense game, the end of which was caught on the Nisei stream), and losing to Whiteblade111's Boom Asa. My Corp went 3-2, beating SimonMoon's Leela, Syd7's Hoshiko, and Greyfield's Leela, and losing to Labbe's Geist and RotomAppliance's Leela. Thanks to all of my opponents for being such great sports and for all of the really exciting games.

This tournament was so much fun to be a part of, and I'd like to give a massive thanks to Akira for organising it, as well as to all of the judges. To repeat what I said in my previous write-ups, this series of tournaments has been such a big part of lockdown being bearable, and you all should be really proud of everything you've done to bring joy to so many people in these weird times.

Finally, and at risk of this becoming an unasked-for Oscars speech, I'd like to give huge thanks to the members of Brighton City Grid, and especially to @binarydogs and @MikeP. I have never been the best or most consistent player, and Mike and John are almost entirely responsible for the success I've had in these last few tournaments - without all the practice games with them, the talking through matchups and lines (a.k.a. "heckling"), or their generosity with their insights into the game and the meta, there is no chance I would have been able to make it to this tournament. Thanks also to @Nememiah for his support and for talking through my decklists the night before the tournament.