{Startup] Ken, Running Wild (4-0 NGN Circuit Opener)

Maj.Apollo 73

Not much has changed for our old friend Ken. He still likes to go fast.

This deck plays the very standard Criminal game running lots and pressuring the corp's economy when possible (and making money doing it of course). For a while I tried fitting Deep Dive into this deck, but ultimately I found that completing the full "quest" ended up being too difficult to pull off consistently. Maybe if this were tuned to spend more time setting up it would work out, but I'm sure you'd rather be playing Steve Cambridge in that deck.

This list ended up going undefeated at our North Georgia Circuit Opener, with some games definitely being closer than others. The toughest matchup of the day was round 3 into GameNET, but Ken was barely able to pull it out 9 points to 6.