All Hail Our New Sol Overlords (Linköping Summer Kit 1st)

tradet 235

This is the corp deck I won a local tournament with. It went 3-2 and the runner went 4-1.

Lost against silver bullet Kate and Whizzard. Won against Valencia, Sunny (accidentally cheated by blocked security nexus with mumbai city grid, but it doesn't work!) and Andromeda.

I'm not really happy with the deck. It doesn't feel powerful as other corps and it suffers greatly from remote lock.

4 Sep 2016 Boogie

I love sol, and clones is a very cool addition!.

I think some improvement could be made, though.

Cards I would take out: 1 archer 1 Eli 2 navi 1 tollbooth 1 hard-hitting news 2 product (+4 influence)

  • 2 paywall
  • 1 turnpike +1 closed accounts +1 all-seeing i +2 archangel

paywall is just money, and archangel is a c3ntrl trip and an undercosted ice. Plus central. Defense

5 Sep 2016 tradet

I'm sure there are a lot of improvements to be made!

I love archer... But I don't think it fits this deck sadly. The points are actually quite precious and it often hurt me more than it hurts the runner, even if it hits them. Navi should go as well.

Having more than 5 currents is too much though. I've run paywall before and it's good, if we should run it we could go -1 predictive algorithm and -1 targeted marketing.

Closed accounts is a great card I would love to have somewhere. Removing hard hitting I can't get behind though... I would be more inclined to go up to 2 as it's such a good card.

3 turnpike is too many, I would rather have something with etr like enigma or something punishing like cobra. Archangel is good though. A problem with the deck is that it's often very poor, so I'm inclined to go with more money and/or cheaper ice.

Just some thoughts...