Wrong Wu (1st Place Brighton Regional)

echo/ 830

So this is actually an early iteration of the wuzeki deck that was seeing some play before Laamb/Surfer became the hot thing. I wanted to compare the two, but limited testing time meant I ended up playing this version a bunch and then suddenly it was regionals the next day without having any experience on the other one. Still, this does a lot of the same things, making lots of money from drip econ and then finishing the game from R&D with a bonus point provided here by Mad Dash to make closing out against Gagarin more viable.

Overall this deck went 3-2 on the day, with losses against an extremely rude Gagarin opener from extrac and some big ICE from Agata S's Outfit deck. Wins were against 2 Gagarin decks and 1 Argus. Despite the general shift to Khusyuk as a win condition, I think this version of the deck might still be the better choice against Gagarin. You can exploit early/midgame advantages with Stargate in situations where you haven't maxed out on Khusyuk installs, reducing the chance of the corp recovering. I suspect it is probably weaker against glacier/big remote decks as Laamb/Surfer is admittedly a very strong tool against those kind of things, in addition to favour swinging towards Khusyuk in situations where R&D runs become more expensive.