GVC Iain - 2nd place, Gaming vs. Cancer 2017

Brogue Leader 72

This Iain deck is what I took to the 34-player 2017 GvC tournament, which used an unrotated cardpool with MWL 1.2, and randomly assigned a corp and runner identity to each participant. It went 4-2 in Swiss (there was no cut), beating Because We Built It, Industrial Genomics, GRNDL, and Haarpsichord Studios, and losing to Potential Unleashed and Engineering the Future. I was testing this deck exactly as is extensively before rotation and it had a phenomenal win rate against a wide range of opponents, considering it's just worse Andromeda with one Medium. Bloo Moose is a silly card. Losses were respectively being ground to dust with all outs cut off early and efficiently by Bio-lock PU, and whiffing a series of random accesses with favourable odds on game point against EtF Moons. I can't complain about the randomness in the latter game, as the win against IG was entirely dumb luck - I found all my Siphons, they found none of their ice, and within 6 or 7 turns of constant beatdown I'd won a Future Perfect psigame and stolen two Fetal AIs.

Only questionable card choice is Gang Sign, which was quite effective at slowing corp tempo so I could find that dang Medium in the real pre-rotation meta, but which did absolutely nothing at the tournament. Drive By would have probably been better, or another Same Old Thing and the 3rd Sure Gamble. Everything else there does something important.

I hope Criminals are allowed some money again soon.