Midnight Standard no tricks Sable -- Antwerp CO 1st

clercqie 336

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

"no tricks" basically being equivalent to "no Apocalypse".

So a pretty standard Sable / reg-Crim deck that does its job very well. Not really a ton of surprises. This started out with 2 Deep Dives, Swift for the console and a lot more Run events and Mark support. So after a couple of games where that Deep Dive sat for turns in hand, I cut back on the fancy stuff and included just the staples.

The Twinning is the back-up multi-access option which pairs well with Ms Bones and Cezve. I did cut Dirty Laundries for double Ms. Bones and that hurt me in my CTM match against @ayyyliens

Double breakers since I expected Rigshooter / Retribution / SDS lists and I'm overly conservative.

Damage protection in Citadel Sanctuary, On The Lam and double Stoneship. That last card is worse draw than either Diesel or Deuces and the list can have draw issues, so that warrants a further refining.

Round 1 : sloooow win against Built To Last Round 2: loss against CTM. ARES score turn 2 and I couldn't stabilize. Well-played! Round 3: timed win against Sportsmetal Round 4: win against OB MAD

Single Elimation Cut , won against Sports again. Lucky snipes followed by an early Deep Dive on lightly ICEd centrals ftw.

As you might have noticed, (and also from my Corp deck), all my rounds went to time. So honestly I did cheese to the win since time wins are now considered full wins by OP. Had great games on the day though!!

Thanks to @Slowriffs for organizing and all present for the fun times.

22 Aug 2022 ayyyliens

So much CTM hate how did I survive this lol

22 Aug 2022 clercqie

Haha nice job on repping CTM though, really wanted to play it as well but cowarded out.

I will say, I think this list had it hard against you since I was so taxed on clicks. So well played the tempo game.