May the Fly be with Wu (4-1 at Off the Grid)

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Others have published Mayfly Wu decks before, because Mayfly is awesome, and Wu is awesome.

I went 3-0 against PD, with a win against PE, and a loss to ACME. This deck was tuned to deal with PD and ACME, with high percentages of success in those matchups. I believe this was the top Shaper at the 50 person tournament, placing a disappointing 22nd, due to a bizarrely bad showing from Blamechanger.

The basic idea is to apply constant pressure to remote for the first few turns of the game, while they draw like mad. Depending on how much they have Spin Doctored, or Sprinted, you have a pretty good idea if HQ or RD is starting to get agenda dense. Then, it is time to poke centrals and stabilize mid-game. Against slower decks there is always the great first turn of getting 2x Rezeki with Flame-Out, Overclock, or Cold Read. Against asset decks, the Cold Read and Overclock come in very handy to control early econ.

Clot won me the game against my first PD, that was on MCA. It is the only tech against Sports decks, against which this deck has a terrible win percentage.

Atman is the wrong choice for an alternative breaker. Maybe could have been an Egret, or Engolo, or Brahman, or anything more useful. However, it only hit the table once, as it is a very barrier heavy field, and Mayfly gets lots of uses.

It is truly a struggle to find any success with Shaper, but I will continue to do my best to Tony Hawk into wins.