Dumblefork 1st Element Games, Stockport, 25 players

Katsushika 333

alt text

Went 4-1 altogether, dropping a game to Spags ETF (modified to include Vikram 1.0 - massive pain in the backside on R&D). Beat Argus, ETFx2 (moar Spags), CTM.

FIHP has caused a huge metashift. Archives Interface was pretty good at removing CVS in addition to making FIHP terrible while farming sucker tokens/checking Bhagat cards.

Slums and E-Strike as I was expecting IG too, but played none on the day. Incidentally rekt CTM in the cut as a result.

Didn't need Plascrete. Always the same.

Defended my title from last year (see https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/31433/threadershop-hayley-1st-place-element-games-sc-uk-). Feels gooooood!

Shout out again to Element Games in Stockport. Excellent venue (screens for pairings, bar, buckets of space, store credit all over the show, clean toilets) and amazing staff.