Skorp - A Curfew is Now in Effect - Euros 2018

SubTric 432

This is the corp deck that I took to Euros 2018, following a 90% win rate on over 80 games online and undefeated at a recent GNK. I went in feeling over confident with this deck - unfortunately I dropped a couple of games with it on the day, but it still remains one of the most consistent corp decks I've ever played, doing noticeably better than my runner deck did.

On the day it beat - Adam, Reina, Val & Kim... And lost to - Val (Apoc after being fully set up with advanced ice), Val, Freedom (the only time Gov Takeover has been nabbed off the top of R&D, after a mulligan into no ice).

This is a Government Takeover deck which hardly anyone seems to expect out of Skorp, even when you start heavily advancing ice. The fact that people are usually too scared to run early in fear of losing a breaker etc. gives you time to get set up and nail down hard. I landed the 1-turn Government Takeover 4 times at Euros and have been doing so consistently for ages.

The deck is a fairly solid build, all ice is advancement and fairly taxing/effective. We run 3-of every vital component in order to find it fast, which isn't too hard in the 44 card deck as well as plenty of cash. Once you have at least 9 advancement tokens on ice, you need 9 credits to score the combo (Gov Takeover, Biotic, Red Planet Couriers in hand) or 13 credits to score the expanded combo (Fast Track, Biotic, Biotic, RPC in hand).

There are very few tricks aside this combo as it really doesn't need them. The threat of Hunter Seeker is as good as actually having it in the deck with Skorp.

What would I change? After over 100 games in total with the deck with only a few tweaks, I think that I would now drop the Priority Constructions - while they get you to your goal faster in terms of advancement, the only time you ever need a scoring remote is when you come up against clot (and then you're more likely to purge) and whenever you draw ice its hard to not justify putting it on HQ or R&D. I'd likely cut both and add in either 3rd copies of Dedication Ceremony and either Fast Track or Scarcity, OR I might consider slotting Illegal Arms Factory as a way to pick up the pace.