[Draft] Who needs an ID anyway?

sortaevil 19

The deck that carried me to a first place finish in the Vancouver, BC draft on June 8th, 2019. It went 4-0 in the Swiss, won the first game of the top cut by default, and beat an otherwise undefeated Kit deck to close out the tournament. I scored out exactly 0 times. it turns out that the clearances and Estelle Moon are pretty good even if you aren't CI, if you just need to find a couple Scorch to teach the runner a deadly lesson.

Ways this deck won:

Turn 2 brainstorm kill. Easier to pull off when the runner forgets that NGO is in the draft pool.

Midseasons into Scorch (into Scorch if necessary). The most consistent way the deck killed.

Stewing a Fly on the Wall behind a Tour Guide until the runner floats a single tag for a turn. Scorch, Traffic Accident, dead.

Tag-me runner. Even with agenda flood early, EoI and Quantum Kitty saved my bacon and gave me plenty of time to find the kill suite.

Keyhole Kabonesa Wuing up a Parasite for a sick play to trash EULA. Unfortunately, neither of us realized that Wu can't tutor up virii (for good reason) until a couple turns later, and it was too late to save the game. In a friendly rematch, I did lose, but could've killed with SIU into Scorch a turn before the runner got the last point if I was a better player who actually did math.

Midseasons-Scorch eventually got Kit in the finals after she stole 5 points in one turn, sealing the tournament.