Mixed-up FoodCoats (4th place US Nats)

tzeentchling 1075

Same deck as my SoCal Regionals-winning deck - if it ain't broke, why fix it? The deck has strong ice and the defensive upgrades are good (if mostly blanked by Rumor Mill), and biotics are always a threat.

During Swiss the deck lost only once, to @tmoiynmwg 's Hayley deck. I thought I had a window to Biotic out my last agenda, but he had been holding onto a Clot in hand for much of the game and used Hayley tricks to get it out. Still had a chance, had I not shuffled my Batty into by deck the previous turn with Jackson, as I could have used Friends to get him into the remote and make it much trickier. Note: sometimes defensive upgrades are better in Archives than the deck!

The deck did lose twice in the cut - once to @joseki's Cold Ones Ayla when I was a turn too slow to rush out, and once to @ramus 's Minnesota MaxX, who keyholed exactly twice and hit two of the three agendas left in my ~20 card deck for the win. Both great games though, and I felt I had chances in each until the end.

What would I change? Well, I would have loved to include an Ark Lockdown or even a Chronos Project. Several of the decks I faced at the tournament kept key cards in their heap, and removing them would have been ideal. A Cyberdex Virus Suite might have been useful, but against anyone with Clot they're also playing Sacrificial Construct, so it's much less useful than you might think. I would explore also changing Caprice to be another Batty and another Crisium Grid, as that Grid came in handy almost every time I played it. Corporate Troubleshooter could have been an interesting include to avoid Rumor Mill shenanigans, but I think my opponents would have been able to break whatever I pumped in general since the deck isn't THAT rich.