Nisei - Reina Checkmate

Wrecko 288

Idea: Create economic pressure by forcing the Corp to install and rez (and re-rez) ice.

Reina Part 1 - Idea: Econ Pressure Make rezzing big ice too expensive to rez and break little ice very cheaply

Big Ice: Xanadu x2, Tranquilizer x2, Tread Lightly x3,

Little Ice Buzzsaw, Cleaver, Mimic

Total: 10 Cards

Part 2: Make functional Leech x2 Simulchip x2 Avgustina x1 Botulus x3 Cookbook x 1 Twinning x 1

Sub-Total: 10 cards: Total: 20 cards

Part 3: Economy Fermenter x3 Fencer Fueno X1 Keiko x2 Gachapon x3 Liberated Account x3 Paladin Poemu x1 Scubber x1 The Nihilist x1 Trickster Taka x1 Career Fair x2 Steelskin Scarring x3

Subtotal: 21 cards Total: 41 Cards

Part 4: Add more missing pieces

2 directions: 1) More Ice Destruction: En Passant and Chisel

2) More consistency: Avgustina Cookbook Nihilist

I went with 3 of Reina's signature event (En Passant) and one copy of Rejig to move the Tranquilizers around.

12 Aug 2022 zensiert

Very nice idea, i liked playing the deck a lot. Thanks for sharing.

17 Aug 2022 chaosof99

This deck is kind of neat and I had similar ones, but you kind of forgot Sure Gamble.

Also, I think with the breaker suite you want Ice Carver instead of the second Xanadu. Rejig also seems kind of unnecessary with only two tranq being all you ever want to use it on.

You could also go full non-breaker and include Chisel-Charm, but that may be too much.