Regular Crim Leela (3-1 Fresno Regionals)

RedOnionKnight 161

This is the deck I've been playing mostly for the past couple months, just trying to evolve a reg crim to be able to handle most situations. It probably has a bit of an issue with CTM which was definitely underplayed on the day.

Anyway missed the cut on SoS :( Tied for 4th place.

Doppelganger sucks, the only thing it did for me on the day was i installed it to steal @inniscor's degree mill. Forger might be better.

Went 3-1, could have won the 4th but my dumb ass failed to install film critic (which was in hand), definitely should have installed that.

Do criminal tricks, its fun!

11 Jun 2018 phette23

I have to askā€¦1x Armitage Codebusting?!? Just because you couldn't find another economy card you liked? No desire for PAD Tap?