Mummy Long Legs - 6th & 18th NtscapeNavigator SC

Algebraic 879

aka It’s Always Sunny in Bristol


Mendax (War of the Worlds, 2021) began experimenting with Sunny after the Stevenage SC, but he could not escape his Criminal background, even including Security Testing and Tread Lightly is his earliest builds. After some random games, he was getting a good enough win rate to get the rest of the Bristol meta interested in improving the deck. Looking back there was a strong hint of groupthink and we all talked ourselves into playing the list. Thanks to them from stopping me jumping ship the morning of the event!

There were four Sunny players in the event, all from Bristol (Mendax, Baa Ram Wu, Drago and myself). A few people spotted this pattern so we hope it got them wondering what we found that was so special! The slightly different versions of the deck went 9-9 across the day, which is probably the best you can hope for in the current meta.


Sunny has a representation of being the Queen of Durdletown, but new cards allow her to threaten in the early game while maintaining the strong late game. 3 Mayfly, 3 Overclock and 3 Boomerang means that Sunny can compete with early remotes, while the drip from 3 Rezeki, 2 Data Folding plus the Jak Sinclair/DreamNet sustains the mid-to-late game, many of which can be found quickly with 3 Gachapon.

The main appeal for playing Sunny in this meta is combo disruption with 3 White Hat, that would see a whole lot more play if it wasn’t a whopping 5 influence. It’s a lot trickier for the corp to defend all three central servers well and it is often worth playing without a credit lead to see if the corp will Vamp away a large chunk of their credits to stop you shuffling away combo pieces. Either way, it slows them down a lot.

The deck actually manages without the Sunny breakers, they are rarely needed so don’t worry about having one of each. However, the Boomerangs, Security Nexus and Mayflies can at times be overstretched so something extra is required. GS Sherman M3 gives you a chance to rerun the remote protected by Border Control, and GS Shrike M2 is as good as any non-Bukhgalter killer at breaking Anansi. Resources are limited so it’s best to only use Falsified Credentials when the extra money is needed to challenge the agenda score.


We largely focussed our testing against three decks: Red Planet Courier decks scoring Government Takeover, Sportsmetal combo decks and the rapid Seamless Launch decks in Precision Design.

Against (normal) RPC decks, you attempt to outdurdle them preparing to remove combo pieces with White Hat when they have 9 credits and 9 advancement tokens. Security Nexus lets you gain Turning Wheel tokens and Globalsec Security Clearance allows you to keep track of the location of the Government Takeover. Even without the Nexus it is often worth running with Jak Sinclair to force some money to be spent.

Against Spombo decks, it’s all about finding an early Project Vacheron and was the other reason a Globalsec Security Clearance was included as tech. This lets you check the top of R&D without the awful possibility of scoring some agendas. Once a Vacheron is scored, it’s all about building up Turning Wheel tokens for a big dig where Jak Sinclair helps build them up faster.

Against Seamless PD decks, you have to be aggressive very early on, but then take your foot off the gas and build up your board. The first score is key and it is quite easy to overpress, and personally the hardest matchup for me to judge. An early Aumakua is very helpful and this was the main result one was added to the deck. However, the deck can’t fast advance from hand so you want to be in a position to challenge the 2-3 ICE remote with an upgrade. Again, Jak Sinclair lets you Turning Wheel for a lot of tokens and you at least have one last deep dig for the win if you can’t keep up elsewhere.

Glacier decks, in general, are a good matchup as the late game drip will usually win out. Rush decks with Hard-Hitting News are tricky, as the tools included to contest early scores will put you within Economic Warfare range but you drip often lets you remove enough tags to avoid High Profile Target or Boom!


Say what you like about the current meta, but I have really enjoyed the puzzle of a meta pulling you in many directions and working together as a team to best solve it. You can get away with it somewhat in a heavily Corp favoured meta as there isn’t really all that much to lose. Finally, if you have actually lived in Bristol, then you will know the microclimate there means it actually rains quite a lot, but online it’s always Sunny.

9 May 2021 Sokka

I love this list and will definitely be giving it a try. Congrats on the placement! The last sentence alone deserves a like and a favourite :)

Not even the 1x copy of Striker seems scary to me. Stacked code gates aren’t ever a problem?

9 May 2021 lazychef13

Striker is such a bad breaker, that sunny lists usually ditched it in the last year, even without playing boomerangs. But in this list , I Don't think multiple code gates stacked are a problem. Also the most relevant code Gates besides magnet are FC3( clickable) Gatekeeper( strength 0 to easily break with turtle on second encounter) or macrophage( 2-3 link)

10 May 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Had a lot of fun in the 2 weeks up to this SC testing and tuning Sunny! Was super happy she didn’t let us down (and that you didn’t bail out to MaxX last minute!)

10 May 2021 Algebraic

@Sokka Striker isn't great and there are plenty of other tools to cope with Code Gates. It was in the list for a while though as triple advanced Hortums can be annoying and the numbers line up well in that case. However, it takes 3(!) triple advanced Hortums to lock a server (or 2 and a Border Control), which means you can easily put pressure elsewhere.

I wish I was meme savvy enough to make a gif of Sunny with some thug life sunglasses after that final sentence.

11 May 2021 rapanui

Incredible that you guys cooked up a Sunny deck able to keep up in this blazing fast (and diverse) corp meta. Well done. And yes, 50/50 is a stellar record for any runner deck right now.

14 May 2021 mendax

Independently of the power level of the deck, this is by far and away the most fun I've had playing as runner for a good while.