Reavershop Wu - Pittsburgh GNK Q4 2019

TJackhammer 19

This was originally a Kab deck that used 3x Rezeki for econ, but without Leprechaun I felt like I couldn't justify taking up 3 MU with my engine. This is slightly less consistent than that engine, because you need to draw into Aesop. Generally I mulligan to try to get Aesop in the opening hand, then bring Reaver out turn 1 or 2 depending on whether I have Reaver targets.

This deck isn't quite as good with Cache rotating, but using simulchip and rejig to install Euler/Gauss multiple times is pretty great, especially if you can get a cybertrooper out. Deus X exists to break expensive things since you can paint them with Pelangi, and it has a nice side effect of hard-countering Complete Image kills.

Fan site exists as another Aesop target. Obviously you want to Aesop your casts before they tick down completely. You can also use an empty Pelangi as a target. If you can get a harbinger or two out, you won't have a problem with targets, but otherwise it's a little hard to get Aesop to trigger every turn. You can also Aesop SMCs once you're set up.

Keep in mind the following non-bo: if you use Aesop to trash a program (e.g. Harbinger), you can't "rejig" Euler or Gauss directly with your Simulchip.

In terms of changes, I think Data Dealer (It only exists in case Fan Site gets scored by accident) can be turned into an Artist Colony, and then drop one Stimhack or Harbinger to fit in an Imp, because Imp is really good against a lot of defensive agendas. I don't like reducing the number of Aesop's targets, but there you go. I think this deck struggles from lack of really effective targets, and it might be possible to get locked out. Fortunately Simulchip, Rejig, and Cybertrooper mess with corp math enough that you can usually get through when they think they're safe.