Panic Button 2017 (1st Place Bristol SC)

echo/ 784

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If you're new to the idea of CI combo, I recommend starting here.

This deck has been a favourite of mine for a while now, and the current meta is an absolutely fine place to play it. The risk of strike has forced me up to 3 Enforced Curfew, which is a shame because I like having room for interesting tech cards but that's the state of the game right now. The Mythic ICE suite feels great as plenty of Runners just can't deal with it right now. Other than that it's mostly by-the-books CI so I won't go into detail up front, happy to answer questions in the comments though.

It's worth noting that CI also just got a huge power boost in the form of Violet Level Clearance, which I had the chance to play with at a different SC the day before I won in Bristol (finishing 2nd). If there was ever a correct time to learn the most interesting deck in Netrunner, it's now.

23 Jan 2017 InsetoVermelho

Best description image. Good work.

23 Jan 2017 crfluency

I was really hoping there is a panic button.

23 Jan 2017 Vikk

Yeah I was also really hoping for a panic button version

24 Jan 2017 Murse

Where is the panic button...

24 Jan 2017 vinegarymink

Dearest Echo

I'm afraid I must bring to your attention a grievance with the decklist that you have posted. I, along with several of my esteemed colleagues of have noted that this Android: Netrunner decklist does not contain any copies of the card Panic Button. In and of itself this should not be cause for alarm, but given that the deck appears to be titled 'Panic Button 2017', you could reasonably be accused of deception.

I eagerly await your response

Vine Gary

25 Jan 2017 ouroborosglyx

I'm sure it's just a decklist error.

25 Jan 2017 echo/

Dear Vine,

Your recent letter troubles me to my very bones. Having re-examined the decklist in question I find that you are indeed correct; the absence of the Panic Button card does present quite the contradiction. I must compliment your powers of observation, once again you have demonstrated the cunning of your mustelid namesake!

In the hope of offering some explanation, it may interest you to know that this particular deck is often my choice when attending a contest for which I find myself in a flustered state when deciding on my Corporate stratagem. In any case I do offer my sincere apologies for any confusion caused to yourself or your most esteemed colleagues, and assure you that I will be issuing a formal retraction of the misleading title through the quarterly newsletter.

Yours sincerely,


25 Jan 2017 Smashman

Panic Button would be a good card in this deck.

25 Jan 2017 Cliquil

I have tried this deck but found that, despite having lots of money, I was unable to draw cards fast enough when people were repeatedly running on HQ. Often times they were, in fact, leaving upgrades untrashed just to get accesses. Can you recommend any card that might improve my chances of drawing up in these circumstances?