Click boom boom (4th Swiss, 5th I think in Eliminations)

Aesynil 398

So - I'm not good at making witty deck write-ups. I don't have fun gifs. I just had a few folks who were interested in my deck list, and figured I'd post it on up. This deck took 4th in Swiss (Dropping one game in 6 rounds) and was 1-1 in elimination. I believe I took 5th overall after eliminations. This deck was made after playing against Elliot from the Colorado meta (Major shout-outs to everybody from Colorado - A truly amazing group of people!) and seeing some of his unique includes. Overall, the core is pretty straightforward. You get Jackson, Power Shutdown, and Accelerated Diagnostics. They run. Hopefully, they die the next turn. Combo depends on your need. 10 credits to doubleboom (PS - AD (24/7, Boom, Boom). 3 credits to single-boom a 4-5 card runner (PS - AD - Sweeps, 24/7, Boom). And if they have a single answer, you just need to win the Hatchet Job trace and go (PS - AD (Hatchet Job, 24/7, Boom). There is no room for double-stacks (no interns, subliminal, etc), which may have been an oversight on my part - But I wanted to pull off the main combo consistently. It usually got the job done.

Some of the fun tech: Disposable HQ. Most people were on Special Report, which probably was better. However, I liked this because you NEVER shuffle with Jackson until you are killing them (I did in rare cases, but that generally holds true), so you are removing agendas from play effectively, and giving yourself more time to kill them. Install it in a remote, they run it (Because they pretty much have to), and bye-bye agendas. They trash it? Awesome, they're down money, or can't trash something else. They don't? Guess which server you're installing your Explode-a-paloozas and DBS's into!

Lily Lockwell - 1 of just to get a burst of three cards, and also because installing DBS/Lily then getting Siphoned is better than giving them all that money. I never used her ability. The draw 3 won a game or two, especially since you can do it on the runner's turn and not have to discard.

News Team - MVP (Until I hit an Artist colony at least). Prolonged the game. Actually, most runners ended up taking tags and clicking to clear them, which was fine by me - tempo hits are nice.

1of 24/7 - I was debating on two, to get through some hurdles (Forger or anything else that can clear one tag, tagging through a NACH), but never once regretted only having one.

3x AD - Essential, IMO. You are already at the mercy of 2of Power Shutdown. It's nice to be all but guaranteed this.

Hatchet Job - The absolute, 100% MVP of the deck. Won me two or three games (I forget). Won me a game in the double elimination. They have a NACH and smuggly think they're safe? Plascrete Anarch and you're pretty sure they have 2x IHW in hand? As long as you can win the money game (Explode-a-palooza usually got me here), your combo becomes Hatchet Job - 24/7 - Boom!. Great feelings all around. Also - Runner goes low on money to install something pricey? Be a nice corp. Give it back to them. You want it in your archives anyways, so why not?

Midseasons - Great back-up to 24/7. As long as they don't have Film Critic out, burns through a NACH better than 24/7. Hilarious wins from unsuspecting runners. My favorite of the day was the gentleman (Who later kicked my ass!) who installed medium turn one, ran r&d three times, scored an Explode-a, and then died my second turn to Midseasons - Boom. Also, with Explode-a, it can sometimes mean you get the tag-storm without bothering with 24/7, which opens up space in your AD combo (Sweeps - Boom - Boom to do it from lower money, for example).

Targeted Marketing - Sometimes named Account Siphon. Mostly to clear Rumor Mill.

ASI - I was scared of DLR MaaX. Didn't see any. I think I used it twice during the day still, and it probably helped me win at least one game.

Ice Suite: This is the challenging part, I think. Other people went with nearly no ice to be a pure combo deck, to try burning it out ASAP. I found that left you too open to first-turn destruction (Getting Jackson Howard plucked, losing your agendas, keyhole, medium digs, Account Siphon, the list goes on). The ice is purely to slow the runner down, and force them to install things. Popups to keep you high on money. Most runners stopped running on servers with popups because they didn't want me close to 10 credits. Data Ravens were Data Ravens. Kept people out, which is what you ultimately want. Slowed the runner down. Wraparound was the best answer to Eater / Siphon / etc nastiness. Quandry to force a Yog install (Which it did successfully many times)

My apologies for the rambling write-up. It's been a long two days, and it's time to sleep!

5 Nov 2016 Aesynil

P.S. I'll pretty up the format after I get home, most likely. Sorry for how untidy this looks, but it's time to sleep!