Core 2.0 Teaching League (19th)

HiddenAway 864

This was my runner deck for @FightingWalloon's teaching league at the end of 2017. It did reasonably well at the start but faded in the latter half of the tournament.

Key point is to run a little more aggressively against the corp (except Jinteki - at least get Mimic ready). The additional credit rez cost will afford you a few accesses outside of an Ice Wall. Xanadu will make the corp ice rezzes even more painful.

Influence was used on Diesel for card draw and Special Order for finding breakers at the right time. Dinosaurus to help with the fixed strength breakers. I personally preferred Mimic since that will bash Archer for 4 credits if combined with Ice Carver but that means Morning Star can't break Hadrian's Wall without Datasucker support.

With one link, you only need to install a single Dyson Mem Chip to activate Underworld Contact for a permanent econ boost. Armitage Codebusting is great if you're broke but don't lean on it too much as it is extremely slow to pay out.

Retrieval Run can be useful for installing Morning Star without paying the eye-watering cost but just dumping it into the heap at the end of your turn may prompt the corp to plant an ice wall on Archives to stop you. Great for restoring an icebreaker that gets trashed though.

Also yes, that's a lone Easy Mark. I had 1 influence spare and more money is good I guess?

Out of my 2 decks, I believe this is the weaker of the 2. Maybe swap Crypsis for Darwin as Darwin is less of a tempo hit.

I hope this will prove useful for newer players!