Tempo Temples (1st Bromley SC)

rojazu 1339

This is the corp deck I paired with Powertap Andy (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/39471/takeshi-s-castle-1st-bromley-sc-) which took first place at the Bromley SC in London. Its record was 4-1 on the day winning games against Null, Whiz, Smoke & Val, losing to the same Whiz in the first final of the cut.

Nothing that special really, taking @shmeguy's deck and changing up the ice suite and adding the Crisium. The crisium really pulled its weight today and was great to be able to rez it for one. Stopping the blackmail runs being successful (to avoid enpassant) was key in one game, as is stopping siphon, or taxing temujin. The single ward I think is probably the right number.

Having said all this I dont think I will be playing CTM for awhile as its Andy matchup is quite poor.