[SBL 21.10 Playtesting] Gagarin All In Kill

anarchomushroom 649

This decklist was developed during SBL 21.10 testing, and is being published in the interests of transparency and to provide a more even playing field at Worlds

This was one of the Gagarin decks I came up with when testing the 21.10 banlist.

This is a prison kill list that is solely focused on killing the runner. It does this by playing good assets and flooding the board, forcing the runner to spend credits just checking them. You hide your 7 agendas with Drudge and Spinny D, and when the runner eventually gets low on credits you Econ Warfare X2 and hit em with HHN.

You also want to try present must trash threats, hence the Bio Ethics x Urban Renewal plan. You likely won't ever kill someone with this but it presents a significant threat that dismantling it sends the runner to credit hell.

This deck is fucken bad. No Museum makes burying and recursion harder, no Tour Guide means your ice options for protecting centrals or important assets are just bad, no Gotay/Vanity Project means you can't play minimal agenda density, no Judge means no reliable kill plan. You're effectively preying on runners who don't play well and make mistakes. This deck loses very hard to commonly played cards like Doof, Miss Bones, Imp, Apoc, even sufficient drip econ like Rezeki is enough.

There might be a prison lock Gagarin deck out there but this was not it. It got picked apart in the minimal testing I did with it. I don't think this style of Gagarin is good but I am open to being wrong.

23 Oct 2021 Ghost Meat

Dear Nisei, please emergency ban Gagarin immediately. This and the other recent Gagarin decks are not good for the health/fun of the game.