Kit has a Job

Menghini 37

Took it to the Enschede regionals. Didn't play for about 3 years. The Triskelion Timewalk ( really grabbed my attention.

I wanted to build something around Engolo and also be selfsufficient with scoring (I loved Notoriety back in the days), so the Hyperdriver-Chela was right up my alley. I adjusted a few things: I didn't do much with Gravedigger/Trope/contaminate, but added the suggesion of the original List: a Legwork (and, in a way, Interdiction). A bit of security with Paperclip (I'm a slow player and most corps could ICE-up really quickly). And I'm afraid of tags: misdirection had to be added and it saved me a few times. The deck is quite large, so I had to add the 3 Diesels.

The Legwork really helped: especially mid-game where there would be some agenda's in hand and R&D ICE'd up. I didn't use Paperclip, so that could be swapped for … maybe a Killer? Or perhaps something like 'Spooned' to trash an expensive ICE and make the server more accessible. though I'm not sure if you encounter the 1 spooned in a large deck like this.

I also wanted a PioT out: I didn't use it that much, and since I had 1 Hyperdriver extra (due to 2 Chela's), I could fit in Day Job to get a monsterturn with enough credits.

I swapped Compile for a Test Run to be able to get the program the turn after. And I swapped Maya for Box-E: having 7 in hand can set you up for a turn and can mitigate HPT/BOOM or any damage, just don't go 'tag-me'. If you fear a tagging corp: try to get Misdirection out early.

Professional Contacts did the job well during the day. One advice with this deck: keep drawing! :) And build up to a DDM, LW or HD/Chela.

I came in 6th (out of 17)