Six-Shock IG, 1st place Polish Champs

Jander 348

1st game - superbye

2nd game - Matuszczak, Stealth Andy. His only way of winning was Siphon, Film Critic and hoping for the best. I established some Bio-Ethics fast and killed him after Cortex Lock fired.

3rd game - Mark, Sifr Whizz. He started with Slums, Striked me very fast and then again after Curfew. He controlled the board easily. After Psychic Field fired he drew two cards and one of them was IHW, stopping me from killing him. You should try to score Obokatas behind some Kakugos if you can.

4th game - Hudson, ID. I played for fun against his Sifr Whizz without Strikes, which cost him the game. Fill the archives with Shocks/Domes and kill.

5th game - Christian, ID. Longest game, he didn't run my agenda-filled HQ with Film Critic, so I established the lock and threw away agendas to lethal archives.

6th game - citizenofmelle, ID. Beers were scored, no one died.

As most of the players I rode on the waves of ID to top cut, which is sad.

Top cut

1st game - Selverin, Vengeance Valencia. I had the option to choose the side against Selverin Tennin/Vengeance Val. Tennin would've been hard, Val doesn't really have a fighting chance. He ran Komainu archives and accessed Shocks for no good reason in turn 2.

3rd game - Matuszczak, Stealth Andy. We had a dice roll for this matchup and I was very lucky. He tried to siphon two times, but I threw away the money to assets/Kakugo. Cortex Lock again was the finisher.

This deck is legal for the next weeks until rotation/new MWL hits it hard. Good counters are Slums, Strike, Film Critic, Rumor Mill.

7 agendas were very fine, House of Knives takes slots for better cards. Don't rez archive ICE against Eater players. Protect against Siphons (turn 1 Hostile Infrastucture is great). Use Estelle with 3-5 counters. Be ready to fill the archives with facedown cards using Jackson after runner gets there. If you expect a lot of Slums/Strike Whizzard increase the amount of Psychic Fields, Snares and Enforced Curfews. This deck CAN score out.

tip: let other people throw away bad matchups from the cut

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11 Sep 2017 shanodin

What do you think the matchup against 3x Strike 3x Aenas Informant Andromeda is like? For testing, I've really struggled against it but that might say more about me than the deck.

13 Sep 2017 Jander

It is a hard matchup, you should play 3 Curfew and find Hostile or two ASAP.