BigBoy Palana (Enigma for Puppy) - 1st Place, Game Corner SC

divadus 1208

PREFACE: @TheBigBoy makes good decks. I mostly make decent decks, which gradually morph into his decks as I increasingly realize that his card choices are generally superior to mine.

Went 5-0 against 2 Noises, Valencia, MaxX, and Reina (yep, the Christchurch Runner meta is pretty damn orange). Was happy to have the 2nd Enigma over the Pup, as I found I occasionally just wanted a little more hard ETR in the deck. Crisium was excellent and well worth its 1 influence. Fast Track is also a terrific card to chain Niseis with.

18 Apr 2016 TheBigBoy

Haha I'm flattered.