Silly tag man. 3rd place worlds 2022

itsbigfoot 2963

6-1 throughout the event including cut, lost to sokka when he called my hhn bluff. Most of the list was given to me by bblum after they came to the conclusion that la costa is best influence in r+. I changed 5 cards to address the issues I found with r+ from general experience with the archetype:

Rashida -> planogram for server space

Mausolus -> ansel and fairchild, you want endgame ice that matters and this gives you a large codegate and sentry

Asi -> best defense, it kills nfl, misdirection and sometimes stargate

Attitude adjustment -> something, i forgot it was in the list when i proxied the list so i have an extra copy of something instead.

La costa gives you much needed speed and a good amount of money if left alone, the big ice pieces allow you to deal with people close to game point who have decided to go tagme.

3 funhouse is wrong and should be changed to a different ice, 3rd hhn should also find a way in

Lopert top 16'd with the same list on 2 fc3 and no ansel

10 Oct 2022 lopert

Gratz on your placement! Honored to have made the cut with you. I'll cherish our memories of late night PICO pizza on Toronto city benches.

When I had to come up with a name for the written decklist, I used "The best defense is a good offense".

10 Oct 2022 TugtetguT

Lost a bet because this list hasn't got boom!... smh

10 Oct 2022 itsbigfoot

The games boom wins tend to already be won

11 Oct 2022 Helix

@itsbigfootPeople often say that wins with this style of prison is automatic if the runner is floating tags or are low on money. While that is the case a lot of the time, I think there is a reason most builds play some form of acceleration (either Backroom Machinations or BOOM!). If the win was automatic at that point, surely non-Boom variants would cut Backroom.

12 Oct 2022 itsbigfoot

idk what to tell you i never needed boom, the one game it lost throughout worlds and cos was winners finals against sokka and boom wouldn't have helped. The extra lacostas and better ice helped.