Fresh Oven Tennin - SOCR4

zafuri 34

First time building Cache Refresh deck, and boy I gotta say it's a hell lot of fun and also challenging.


Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within quickly come into my Corp choice as my first deck due to my experience and success in piloting glacier decks (Palana Foods, Tennin during past year's Malaysia Nationals).

However, this CR Tennin ain't the same.

As I missed out the first two initial rounds, I quickly find myself in a rushing situation to have my deck built and quickly recover from 3rd round onwards.

Game plan is nothing fancy. Down to basics Tennin. However the highlight here was Data Raven. The deck did not pack any tag punishment, but it poses a threat there as the sole tagging ICE and that doesn't rely on tracing.

Placing Data Raven on centrals is a guaranteed 2 tax if the Runner clears it. That's even more if the Runner tries to break the sub. Although Tennin wouldn't normally want Runners to run, but Data Raven here gives us a hard knock to Runner especially when Runner is still in set-up phase.

That, really slows the tempo a lot and gives us breathing space to score.

Overall, a major amendment on this deck is going to kick in for the next SOCR. Perhaps including one Closed Accounts wouldn't hurt, and maybe with more Kitara packs up and legal to play, better ICE suite can be built.

I won't be highlighting the matches and other card choices because it's pretty built on last minute. However, the next Tennin deck is going to be having a major change. Stay tuned and see if the next iteration of Tennin would perform much better!


Having experienced a bit of Cache Refresh format, I gotta say games are going to get better on the next and hopefully I could get better placings in the next SOCR!

Until then, always be running, ciao!