Australian MaxX - 2nd at Euros

Nemamiah 3808

This deck is absolutely nothing to do with me. It's a product of the Scottish meta, who have been tinkering with it since the last MWL update. I only decided to play Euros at the last minute so just scrounged for ideas from people who work harder than me. Credit for the most important part, the name, goes to Stephen Murdoch (citation needed).

Conceptually the list is a hybrid of the now defunct Stabby lists and the build that many UK players ended up on at Magnum Opus. It's not as good as either, but it sits comfortably in the meta because it can play at a variety of different pieces. If you're expecting to play predominantly against rush decks then reg Criminal is probably the correct choice for you. If you think you'll have to play against ice heavy decks then Val is probably more robust than this. This list is competent against both; Engolo and burst economy is a good answer to rush and a big ol' heap of ice destruction should allow you to stay on top of glaciers. We expected the Euros meta to be relatively evenly split between those two archetypes, so this felt like a sensible compromise. Or maybe I just wanted to play MaxX because she's the most fun.

When playing this deck you'll need to work out what pace you need to play at and choose your lines accordingly. You can prioritise Patchwork and setting up ice destruction threats against slower Corps, but you might need to sacrifice playing some of the installables in order to keep a healthy credit total and draw through your deck against rush archetypes.

After all of half a dozen games I'm not entirely sure that the deck is optimised, but there's not a lot of slack in there either. You may want to look at dropping an Engolo and another card for two Clone Chips and swapping Peddlers for Inject to speed up your draw a little bit, but this has consequences against rush. It would be great to squeeze I've Had Worse in, but it's very hard to find slots.

Thanks as always to the people who kindly provide me with lists or spend hours discussing theory with someone too lazy to play their own test games. Love you all.

18 Jul 2019 Frozensun07

@NemamiahSorry if this is obvious but I am a returning player from a while back and am not familiar with the meta, I really like the look of this deck. I was hoping you could suggest what runner you switch into with rebirth?

19 Jul 2019 Myldside

@Frozensun07 I can't speak for the author, but I would say Omar is probably going to be your default Rebirth target with this deck. This forces the Corp to defend archives, and that's going to be a pain because the amount of ICE destruction in this deck is already going to spread them pretty thin.

22 Jul 2019 b3ar

@Nemamiah Would you change anything for the MWL 3.3 meta?