Butter Masala Adam, 37th (3-3) at Euros 2020

anarchomushroom 346

Before the event I was dead set on bringing 419 to Euros but after taking Adam for a whirl at a Store Champ last weekend, I gave Adam some reps during the week and made a gamble that the field would be filled with Spombo and Titan. There was plenty of Titan but not a lot of Spombo, but Adam on the day went 3-3, and helped me to a nice 37th place finish.

The breaker suite is heavy on the influence but incredibly strong. Clip is phenomenally good and Engolo gives you some great early game pressure, along with Boomerand and Logic Bomb. I feel if the game is beginning to go long you're nearly unstoppable. This deck dunks on anything remotely glacier-y.

It definitely struggles early on without stealing that first agenda, but RNG Key helps a lot with being aggressive and getting your money going. Boomerand is a serious MVP.

Also two Kati Jones is so fantastic. I've never wanted to go up to 2 because she's unique and still a tad slow, but in Adam where you've often got a spare click early on, she enables insane burst and can really help get you to that snowball effect.

On the day I beat Blue Sun, Titan, and CtM thanks to RNG Key giving me exactly enough credits to steal a Bellona from RnD. I lost to Mirrormorph, rigshooter Outfit, and PE (in round one, against the one other Irish player...). Despite losing my Clip to an SDS into Ark Lockdown against Outfit, I think that matchup is probably okay if you can get setup fast. Even Punitive Outfit is probably still fine. I lost my 241 for top 16 so didn't get to play Adam in the final round.

All in all, Adam is in a great spot, I'm pretty happy with this list. If I could slot in two Career Fair I absolutely would, but I think the influence is pretty tight after you use up so much for the breaker suite, which I feel is absolutely worth all 11 or 12 influence.

Thank you again to NISEI for running this and thank you to everyone I played against, shoutout to all my other Adam homies at #adamlounge, this was a blast and I look forward to online worlds later in the year. <3

27 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

11 influence is a ton but if you get to play the best of breaker of the 3 main ice types...

27 Jul 2020 anarchomushroom

The only one I'd have any kind of doubts on is Engolo. I might give Amina a go and see how that fares. But yeah, playing the three best breakers is so so powerful. It's absolutely worth the 11 influence.