Animal Farm Esâ - 14th at Worlds

Pinsel 2548


There are two types of people...

... those who add more events to play Ghosttongue and those who cut both from their list. This deck is the result of the latter line of thinking. For the event-heavy version look here by @lostgeek. Both of the extremes are good and superior to any of the in-between versions that we have tried.

The general game plan is the same, with the big difference being that I think that the price is an amazing card, especially with scarring and strike fund and being better Ghosttongue. Thus I play Hotels, Liberated Accounts (also great with Running Hot) and Daily Casts. To have a better chance against NEH, I play Wheels, and a boomerang to be less reliant on Laamb/Begemoth early on.

It performed reasonably well at worlds, but it got carried by my Corp. I died three times (twice to NEH, once to a big Cerebral Overwriter) and learned the hard way that a codegate + border control is very hard to get into with this deck

Shoutouts to

  • PSK and everyone else from NSG who worked hard to make this amazing event happen
  • NWE for great testing and a great weekend in barcelona
  • All the other participants that kept sweating in Casa Rius to play a dead game
20 Oct 2023 pspacekitten


20 Oct 2023 Testrunning

Anything worth doing is worth doing twice.

20 Oct 2023 lostgeek

Anything worth doing is worth doing twice.

20 Oct 2023 JackMade

That meme!

20 Oct 2023 Pinsel

Anything worth doing twice is worth doing thrice... with rezzed wage workers