Nintendo Lebeau (1st at Lockdown 11)

DeeR 1431

I learned to play Netrunner on Sunny, so it was fun to bring her back! I selected Sunny because (a) I had a lot of runner points to spare, as I chose Spark Agency as the corp, (b) I doubted there would be a lot of rushy corps without Rashida, and (c) Rezeki, Dreamnet, and Data Folding made an excellent econ engine without a need for much burst.

The starting point for this deck was CptNice's Sunny deck for worlds ( I wish I could say I made significant changes, but CptNice's Sunny deck is phenomenal, and there really wasn't much to change. I did make a few meta calls though:

(1) Notoriety: this was a total meta call. In this Lockdown, all 3/2 agendas were banned, as was the best 4/2 agenda imo right now (Cyberdex Sandbox) so I anticipated a LOT of runners would be relying on 5/3 agendas. Notoriety is there to keep me from needing to steal 3 agendas. It ended up being the right call, winning me 2 of Sunny's 4 games.

(2) 3x Rezeki: I upped the Rezekis, knowing that it would turn off Data Folding if I got all 3 down and had the turtle. I decided this would be worth it, as this deck desperately needs to get money early. I resolved to only install Data Folding if I hit it with Gachapon, as the 3 credit hit just wasn't worth it early game (especially as it's a resource and can be trashable).

(3) Kati Jones: I don't love Kati Jones as an econ engine, but I needed to have a mechanism to get Security Nexus up early, without Dirty Laundry, Daily Casts, or Sure Gamble. Kati Jones is slow, but if you install it turn 1, you're pretty much guaranteed to have the credits you need turn 3, which is faster than depending on rezeki or data folding. Once the Rezeki's are up, it usually isn't worth it to click Kati once per turn, but it is a good "final action" if there's nothing to do.

(4) Black Hat: No Turning Wheel, and I wanted to only use 24 influence. Not my favorite multi-access card, but it did me well this tournament.

During the tournament, Sunny won all four of her matches: 1 against Frizzler's CtM (despite a few misplays, Sunny was fast enough and had the money to trash the important assets and avoid tags); 2 against Shorty's SSO (A phenomenal rush deck, got to 6 agenda points each time, but both times White Hat + R&D lock + turtle kept that hostile takeover out of HQ; and 1 against Cpt_Nice's GameNet (Sunny got fast enough, and didn't bother installing icebreakers, as she has Sec'y Nexus, which was really important because of Better Citizen Program).

This deck, while lacking in originality, was incredibly fun for this specific Lockdown meta. I also have now run every faction in Lockdown, with the minis taken care of. Thank you Cpt_Nice for providing the inspiration, Meetingadjourned and the IPT team for their support and help in the Netrunner community, Vesper for organizing a wonderful tournament, and everyone who participated for bringing such spicy tech (For those who haven't seen it, Shorty's Gnat deck is phenomenal and makes me think about Bookmark in a new way).

2 Feb 2021 Cpt_nice

Congrats again on your placement! Love the write up and your meta calls were all super solid.

2 Feb 2021 Frizzler

Congratulations! I was really stunned when you played Notoriety in the game with me despite the fact that I had stolen you one click with MCA Austerity Policy. Jack Sinclair made it possible.

6 Feb 2021 Shorty

Lockdown goes Decklist of the Week! Great meta call & performance DeeR.

20 Feb 2021 yucendulang

Curious about why this deck called nintendo Lebeau.Could you tell me? :D