{SU} Want Not, Waste Not, Front Not

psi_sig 13

Thule is pretty cool, was trying to focus on core dmg and harmonic ice. decent resluts so far but know there are probably cuts to be made but I need to play it a lot more.

made a slight update, cut 1 Midnight, 1 Biotic & 3 Waves. + 1 magnet - The waves werent doing much, & while biotic was handy to have, I didnt find it a necessity, may swap it out for a Seemless later. Midnight was just the most convenient agenda to cut, I like having the Elivas too much

17 Mar 2023 rongydoge

they didn't see him dip into the 50 cent blunt spot

17 Mar 2023 HexNet

Hostile Infrastructure is a cool design concept for the deck.

How often does Hypoxia get played? 2 Chekist seems like a narrow activator.

The deck seems credit-poor for this ice package plus agenda package plus biotics. Has it been an issue?

17 Mar 2023 psi_sig

Yeah, hypoxia hasnt hit yet, may be a good idea to to cut it down in favor of more econ. Chekist has worked more to slow the runner down (although floating tags against this deck isnt terribke I think). Havent needed biotics too many times but has come in clutch when i did. Still pretty new and would happily take any suggestions on how i can improve this :)