Making Some Noise (Linköping Regionals 2nd, 8th after swiss

tradet 235

The exact list I won our small store championship with. Corp deck. Democracy and Dogma was not legal.

4 rounds of swiss and I used my bye. Went 2-1 loosing against mumba NEH and won against Titan and RP. Made the cut by happenstance as the 8th person.

Runner went 2-1 in the cut loosing against the same NEH in the finals but winning a similar matchup and against a tagging/scorch Sol.

The deck is great but I'm having difficult times against the heavy asset spam decks like NEH or IG. Possibly +2 I've Had Worse -1 Plascrete Carapace -1 Scheherazade. Hacktivist Meeting is another possible include but these matchups will be hard anyway.

13 May 2016 Aesynil

I don't like Hacktivist for the IG matchup. You literally are just helping them stock up Archives easier, and they often don't care about what they pitch from their hands. It's also a shame that Slums doesn't work with Imp :(

13 May 2016 tradet

I don't really like hacktivist either against IG, I think I've had worse is much more useful there. If IG is a worry 3x i've had worse and 2x inject sounds better. Hacktivist could be useful for turning of cerebral static though.