Stabby MaxX (No need for special sleeves) 1st Edinburgh SC

Seamus 4788

I wasn't sure if my Dragon Shield smoke sleeves would arrive in time so I had to lose the adorable fox and couldn't consider Stargate.

While we await the MWL to hit this shell there are several interesting aspects worthy of note.

The two key evolutions of this version (shifting to Peddlers over Inject and swapping Clone Chip for a second Laamb) are really smart changes that are obvious as soon as they're pointed out to you. They aren't my innovations so it's ok for me to praise them.

Labour Rights is a really nicely designed efficiency card, theoretically increasing the density/occurrence of your deck's best cards. In decks that pretty quickly end up with no cards in stack, its controlling element is bypassed, making its rate and speed of recursion pretty ludicrous.

Similarly, Laamb is decently balanced in day to day use. Here it serves as a solution to rush with its pseudo AI effect and large ice with its efficient strength boost. Its downside of awkward and sometimes inefficient numbers is sidestepped by ICE destruction.

My gamble on not playing net damage protection paid off. Based on the day it seemed like anti-MaxX tech wasn't very effective. Argus and Mti performed best while Outfit rigshooter and net damage strategies did less well.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was how well Mti held up against this deck. I had found it really struggled in test games but an aggressive scoring pace and high counts of cheap taxing ICE was quite effective.

23 Apr 2019 Cluster Fox

Very sensible changes. Congratulations on the win, my friend!

25 Apr 2019 BizTheDad

Just got wrecked by this deck. Kinda scared for the game when the best runner decks right now make it so the corp essentially can't rez ICE. Then again, maybe I just need to learn how to play against this.

26 Apr 2019 zmb

Praise the guy that suggested them then ;)

27 Apr 2019 Rodge

Crazy good deck. Took it to 4-0 in Swiss at Vienna SC, 1-1 in top 4 cut (looking back, I could have played better to possibly make it unbeaten). This deck just pressures corps so much early/mid and late game.

28 Apr 2019 Longi

@RodgeHey Ken, congrats on the second place! Also thank you for organizing such a friendly event (SC Vienna). But more importantly thanks once more for what Julia and you did for us. Once again I was proved that even though Net Runner is the best game ever, the community surrounding it is the real reason to play it!