Terminal Directive Starter Seidr

013 321

Replacement for the starter decks recommended in the rulebook. 1 Core set and 1 Terminal Directive used. REPLACE CORPORATE SALES TEAMS WITH MANDATORY TD AGENDAS.

The name of the game for this Seidr deck is to advance your board state faster than the runner can defend against it. Most of your economy is asset-based and expensive to trash, which creates a net economy gain. Estelle Moon is just an amazing card, as she forces the runner to waste a click to run on her, but you get a benefit from her regardless. Illegal Arms Factory is expensive to trash, but critically allows you to draw an extra card each turn, which helps you rush out your board state.

Snare punishes RnD digs with Medium. Everything else is (literally) money. SanSan isn't necessary to score out, but it puts a lot of pressure on the runner, particularly since 6 of your 9 agendas are 3/2's that you can score from hand with it (or with Biotic Labor). Hunter Seeker is too good not to include 1 of to take out a key breaker or piece of hardware.

The ice is a blend cheap ETR (Wall of Static, Ice Wall, Enigma, Viktor), punishing face-checks (Rototurret, Enigma, Viktor, Ichi), or big ice for your scoring server (Heimdall, Ichi, Tollbooth, Holmegaard). This blend should ensure that you always have ice on hand that fits the situation.