SeamusMoDave-ism (1st Scottish Regional)

Seamus 4788

Do you know what a Tim Fowler Story is? If you don’t spend far too much time on UK Stimslack you might not.

Named after frequent Nationals bridesmaid, a Tim Fowler Story starts with a description of an unlikely and unfortunate game state. The nightmarish odds stacked against the teller of the tale are listed and bemoaned.

And then the story concludes with the words “anyway, I won.”

Let me give you an example: I was playing Corp. Anyway, I won.

Corps are terrible and Anarchs are the reason why.

That being said, here’s the deck I took to the Scottish Regional because I was worried about criminals. Prior to Reign & Reverie giving a significant boost to Blue I’d been playing CTM. I love CTM and had intended to stick with it.

But then a nagging doubt set in. What if criminals Deny my Funds, Inside Job my gear checks and keep on going through MVTs and Closed Accounts with their new run-based economy options? What if Tag-Me Liza doesn’t give a fig about my ID ability, using it to fuel her multi-access?

I spent until half nine the night before the tournament testing various Mti builds. Despite encouragement from Dave Hoyland I hated them all. Taking inspiration from both @AndytheLovell and @aunthemod’s lists we arrived at something near this list.

The increased number of installables is a nice response to Clan Vengeance but I decided that if Bryan Stinson was important he’d be more than a one-of so out he went. IP Block replaced a Raven to squeeze in a Reversed Accounts and I swapped a Mausolus for a Hortum to help with early rushing. Overall, the changes from Lobstermodernism are pretty peripheral. On reflection I think I’d swap an IPO for a second Too Big To Fail. That card is good.

In the end I went 50/50 against Tag-Me Liza somehow but was otherwise undefeated. Thus concludes the second Tim Fowler Story of this write up. Thanks to all my opponents and to Knightly Gaming for hosting.

Congratulations to Dave for taking second at Swansea and to Scotland for having me as its regional champion for the rest of time.

31 Jul 2018 JamesWinters

What do you think about Mumbad Virtual Tour?

1 Aug 2018 AndytheLovell

Your commitment to Weyland through thick and thin is an inspiration. Glad Netrunner is ending with the big W on top

1 Aug 2018 North

Congrats on the win! Was good meeting yourself and more of the Scottish Netrunner crowd (I'm the newer player that was on Skorp/Geist). Do you think Crisium Grid be worth considering a slot for?