Jam Town Reality - First at ECG - Opener '22!!

maninthemoon 423

This deck may not be S tier, but it's a blast and has a good game vs MaxX right now.

Basic idea:

1) Make a 2 ice remote, install something in it as often as possible!

2) Try to time your windows/value/forks correctly and work you way to a beautiful victory.


Seamless + Remastered is great

Use 2x seamless to score Bellona

Save 2x Public Trail for EIO

or use them to fork with The All Seeing I & HHN

Alway try to put F2P/IP Block behind Turnpike, Mausolus, or Ping

Try to go fast, you are a value/forking rush deck. If you aren't on 4-5 points once the runner is set up it's really hard to close.

Save Remastered counters for wining points.

Winning by FA Bellona with Vlad + Remastered counter is a very viable win.

13 Jun 2022 Ebrey

Just won a 12 person Circuit Breaker in LA with this deck plus Counter Surveillance Zahya! It's a lot of fun.

16 Jun 2022 maninthemoon

I'm so glad it's making the rounds! Thanks for playing it and enjoying it!