World's Smallest Violin (Stealth Sable)

ransomman 320

Here is a really fun stealth build in Sable!

Firstly, Twinning + Virtuoso is an insane combo where you can potentially see 3 cards off of R&D and 3 cards from HQ, if R&D is your mark and you have 4 Twinning counters. This combo is definitely not unique to stealth rigs, but having so many cards with credits on them helps to power up Twinning every round, as long as you don't forget to boost a program each turn. You don't even have to run to do this, since you can boost programs during any paid ability window, but it helps to run and boost so you can drain your Trickster Taka/power Net Mercur!

The goal is to get the above two cards and your stealth rig up asap, preferably before turn 10. This can be a challenge since corps are fast these days, and you certainly cannot afford to just turtle. It takes some practice to balance getting set up while also applying enough pressure that the corp doesn't run away with the game. Diversion and Boomerang help to add pressure and cards like Blueberry Diesel, Class Act, and Career Fair help you get set up. Pretty standard criminal stuff. One surprise card here is penumbral toolkit. It can act as stealth credits but it can also be useful in stealing Bellonas or getting rid of must-trash corp cards in a pinch, just use them wisely becuase they are finite.

Let me just explain some of my choices:

Corroder - I tried almost every other low-influence/in-faction fracter and corroder just hits the sweet spot of cheap to install and not-too-expensive to break. I was rocking Makler for a while but I was having so much trouble justifying the 5-credit install cost. Marjanah is free to install but the extra hoop of having to make a successful run to make it work was a challenge at times. Blackstone is also kind of a money sink and we already have two stealth breakers eating up the stealth credits. I also tried Paperclip but I had to sacrifice taka or mantle and it wasn't enough stealth.

Only 4 MU worth of programs - My Netrunner brain really wanted to have two Mantles so that there wasn't a wasted MU once Virtuoso was installed, but once I added Trickster Taka there was no question about how I had to spend my influence.

Overclock and Daily Casts - I added Overclock because I was finding that the corps would get comfortable if my real credit pool was dipping. It has also helped me to emergency-trash an integral asset, but that's not its main purpose. Its main purpose is to power your fracter during an important run and save the stealth credits for the stealth breakers. For daily casts, I tried cutting it and including Smartware Distributor but it didn't work out too well. I thought the extra Sable click would help to power smartware, but it was a waste of time. I tried using Red Team but its too much of a liability if you cant make successful runs early.

Thats pretty much the deck! Enjoy! Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.