Not Even Once (Stimhack CR Online 2, 8th)

WildSam 51

This deck started as aggro-mill "Clanners Against Drugs" with pretty theme of cyberspace daredevil abusing his brain with variety of tempo-gaining drugs while also tricking naive Clan nutjobs into extra milling (which compliments our ID and efficient viruses).

Self-inflicted brain damage is even more absurd because you can't imply actual attack or threat (until you go deep into bioroid consipacy bullshit): "Look at this poor boy! Corporate negligence... and lack of socialy responsible policies... forced him to miserable life of cyber-crime!.. and drug abuse!"

But turned out brain damage countersynergies with itself, frequently hard to properly benefit from and generally not worth it with plethora of much softer (and cheaper!) self-meat which also comboes with Officer Frank, giving more even damage gain/usage distribution.

So we with Noise throwed drugs away and at first I thought he did quit proper. I mean, instead of Amping Up he installs fancy artificial blood cells now - that's quite healthy and wise and helps you to get legal job!

But today Core Revision Committee announced they found his body in the bin and despite fact there is no "leave" card to explain this, I know, no matter how much I say it was only one match.

I know I did kill Noise. Drugs may be won me game, but today I found 2 stimhacks in the decklist - he failed to Turn Tables on habit. My first Noise deck turned out to be the last. Remember: Not Even Once, boys and girls.

I hope FFG will trash something for this.