Fury Road Reborn (King of Servers 2017)

Ajar 1618

I spent ~2 months brewing this deck for King of Servers 2017, and even though I didn't perform very well at the tournament -- ending 5-5, and I honestly can't remember which deck got 3 wins -- I'm inordinately proud of it. It's an absolute fucking blast to play, and every single opponent, win or lose, told me they loved it.

I also think it's pretty good, but the Val deck I ended up taking to Worlds instead had slightly better game vs the field overall. MaxX would probably have been fine too, honestly; I thought there would be a bit more Skorpios at Worlds than there was. Now that Worlds is over, though, I'm just going to blow up people's shit all the time.

Changes I'd make:

In this CI meta, -1 Day Job and +1 Wanton Destruction is pretty good, I think. There's a chance that cutting the second Day Job for the third Stim Dealer is also right, but the Day Jobs do smooth things out a bit.

How to play the deck:

Step 1: figure out your most impactful event. Hint: it's usually either Apocalypse or Wanton Destruction. For example, versus an unknown CI, it's Wanton Destruction -- that's your win vs any combo or FA variant. Versus the more glaciery Stinson and/or MCA variants, you use Apocalypse to remote camp. Counter MCA with Stim Dealer.

Step 2: Get set up to play that event. Sit around making $$$. Take accesses if they're cheap or free; DDM on an open R&D (or even via DDoS if you don't need it for Apoc / Wanton) is totally fine if that's where the agendas are; you really need to maximize your accesses with this deck, because when your main breaker is Eater you don't get that many.

Step 3: Figure out your sequencing. Is the event in your heap? Get a Stim Dealer down. It's fine to let it cycle once and brain you if you're setting up. I usually end games with an average of 1 brain damage, 0-2 is normal. If you're taking 3, something isn't going right; remember, Apocalypse turns your Stim Dealer face down, and you'll want to Chop Bot it into your heap before you Levy!

Step 4: Do the thing. But don't do it for its own sake, time it properly. Wait for the Corp to overcommit to the board before Apocalypse, or if they're being cagey, Wanton them first, then Apoc a turn or two later so they'll have less stuff to install after the Apocalypse.

Step 5: Rebuild.

Step 6: Do the thing again. If doing the thing again is a problem, Rebirthing into Omar to hammer an HQ that's iced vs Wanton is a great way to close the game. So is DDoS into DDM with no programs or just an Eater out. But BEWARE of Rebirthing too soon -- remember, you'll lose your MaxX draws if you're Omar. (Very occasionally, it's right to Rebirth into a different Anarch; there's one example further down.)

Step 7: Repeat until you win or run out of cards. One reminder: After you Wanton, poke Archives within a turn or two most of the time. It's easy to forget about it because you're often click compressed for setup time with this deck, but take a click and just go look at what got trashed. It'll tell you about the state of their board and economy, and hey, you might even get some points.

Quick KoS tournament report:

Round 1: I get Show of Forced, because I can't play Wanton Destruction quite enough times. My opponent does have to 25% topdeck the third Kaguya to win during the combo turn, though, so it was a close one.

Round 2: I have zero memory of what happened this round. I think maybe I won my Corp game, but Runner? No idea beyond that my opponent liked my deck.

Round 3: Versus netjogging's PE. I Apocalypse, Wanton, Apocalypse, and then when he IAA's behind an ice I'm 95% sure is Kakugo, I run to force rez, Rebirth Quetzal, and run back for the win. I also win the repeat game we play afterward for funsies. :)

Round 4: I'm facing PU, and this goes right down to the wire: after the Levy, I have 0 cards in my grip or heap, and since he has one House of Knives counter, I can't run anymore. He's exactly one card short of scoring out, and decks himself with an IAA'd TFP on the board.

Round 5: vs highwire! I lost this one, because I know highwire swept me, but have little memory of what actually transpired.

Not much of a tournament report, right? But whatever, I just wanted to post this deck!